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All You Need To Know About The Fattening Room In Southeastern Nigeria

The fattening room is a tradition common in the southeastern region of Nigeria. This includes Akwa Ibom that has local government areas such as Ikot Ekpene, Abak, Ika, Obot Anam and a few others.


The fattening room is the place would-be brides from the Efik tribe prepare themselves for marriage, family life and motherhood.


In the past, it was compulsory. But in modern times, only the rich and those bound by a need for tradition still carry out this practice.


The reason for this interesting culture is to have a transition between being a young single girl and a woman. It has an underlining symbolism which includes attributes like virtue, s*xual purity, morality and homemaking.


The fattening room’s main function is to make the woman desirable and beautiful by adding a considerable amount of weight.


The woman stays in seclusion for an extended period of time. This ranges from three months to six months and, in extreme cases, nine months.


A bride after staying in the fattening room


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The girls and women that undergo the traditional requirements of the fattening room are tutored in traditional art and crafts.


This may also include learning traditional songs and understanding oral traditions. They will also be shown how to be a homemaker, manage funds and ways to please their would-be husbands.


Sometimes circumcision is performed in the fattening room. Many believe that it aids childbirth and reduces the likelihood of promiscuity. However, modern fattening room practices have banned this particular function.


It will be beautiful to visit Akwa Ibom State and see a beautiful would-be bride in a fattening room, don’t you agree?


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