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Owners of the Apple Watch have become used to having to lift their arm and turn their wrist in order to get the display to turn on. That gesture will be needed no more now that the latest version has an always-on display. Photo: Robert Guenther/dpa

All The Exciting Features To Look Forward To In Apple WatchOS 7

Apple announced new software releases at the WWDC 2020 and WatchOS 7 was not left out. Apple also gave a peek into the new features to look out for in the coming Apple Watch Series.


Some of these features include new watch faces, new workout options, and a car key feature. There are some of them that will be compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 and above. However, many others will be exclusive to the coming Apple Series 5.


Here are some of the features to expect in WatchOS 7:

New Watch Faces

Apple will provide more options to personalise the Apple Watch by customising existing templates. The company does not allow third-party watch faces, however, users can also mix it up by adding multiple complications from the same app. Watch owners can also share watch faces via text, email, or social media.


There’s also a new Chronograph Pro option as well. It has an analog-style tachymeter that measures speed and distance. An extra-large text option and new photo filters are also among its features.

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Car Key

With WatchOS 7 your Apple Watch can also be a key fob for your car. Its functions will, however, be restricted compared to the iPhone. The car key feature will only be available on the Apple Watch Series 5 and will only be compatible with select BMW models for now.

Native Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch owners will now be able to track the amount of sleep they get when they wear their watches to bed without downloading a third-party app. WatchOS 7 also helps users sleep on time with a calming bedtime routine. While asleep the Apple Watch uses its motion and heart rate sensors to determine when you’re asleep and then turns off all notifications.


You can then look at the information and track your sleep progress over time. The Apple Watch needs to have at least a 30 percent charge to track sleep.

Workout And ‘New’ Fitness App

Apple has added dancing, core training, functional strength, and cooldown to its list of workout options. The watch is also tuned for these exercises and this makes calorie tracking more accurate.


Cyclists will also get a new navigation feature in Apple Maps. The feature will allow them to choose routes based on time, destination, total distance, or the number of hills.


The Apple Watch will make sure you wash your hand properly. Once the watch determines that you’re at the sink, it will start a 20-second countdown as recommended by CDC. It will also remind you to wash your hands as soon as you step into your house. The watch can allow Siri to read your text messages when you’re connected to earphones. Cool, right?


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