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All Of The Exciting New Features In iOS 14 From WWDC 2020

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Apple has announced the iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 and we finally have an official look at all the features in the new OS. The most notable change to iOS 14 is found in the form of Widgets on the home screen.


In iOS 14, users can now place their widgets in the main Home screen beside the other apps. Users can use the new Widget Gallery to easily add and customize their widgets as they please. A new Smart Stack widget that automatically shows relevant apps based on the time of day is featured.


Other changes include:

App Library

The new App Library view in the iOS 14 helps to automatically organise apps into groups and lists. The App Library view also allows users to hide their apps on the main home screen also providing some additional smart grouping features.

Translate app

Apple announced a new Translate app that will be built into iOS, which works almost like Google Translate. The translate app will enable users to easily translate between languages.


With the new feature, users will be able to type text in or dictate messages and have them translated into 11 languages. English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian are the languages to be supported at launch.

FaceTime and Incoming calls

iOS 14 Incoming calls
Incoming calls and Facetime is one of the improved features on iOS 14 as it will no longer be as obstructive as before. Photo: Apple


Incoming phone calls and FaceTime calls will also appear with pop-up, instead of taking over the entire screen when you’re using other apps. This means users can choose to ignore calls without necessarily having to pause all their activities.


iOS 14 allows users to pin important contacts and conversations to the top of the Messages app. This will allow users to easily access their favorite friends or group chats. Users will also be able to search for emoji options and new emojis like a face mask option will be available.

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Apple Maps will also give better recommendations for new places. Maps will get support for cycling, with dedicated directions for bike-riding that considers elevation, stairs, bike paths, and roads. The cycling support will launch in New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco’s Bay Area, Shanghai, and Beijing.


There is a new EV Routing feature, which will also track the current charge of your car, factor in elevation and weather, and route you to compatible stations will also be available. Apple says it is working with BMW and Ford for the feature, however, no other specific cars were mentioned.


Carplay is getting support for NFC car keys with iOS 14. The feature apart from being present in iOS 14 will also be available on iOS 13 and will use a special power reserve feature to enable you to use the feature for up to five hours after your phone has died. This will ensure you do not get locked out of your vehicle. The 2021 BMW 5 Series will be the first car to support the feature.


Other features in iOS 14 include Safari informing you in the event one of your passwords suffers a leak in a breach. The new Sleep mode will turn on do-not-disturb, dim the phone’s screen, and show the upcoming alarm for the morning.


Game Center is also getting a facelift with a new design.


Apple does not leave Siri out. The digital assistant will just have a small overlay at the bottom of the display when activated. This is as opposed to it taking over the entire screen as in the previous iOS versions. Siri can also now send audio messages as well as dictated messages.


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