You are currently viewing “Alien Attack?” Unidentified Swarm Of Drones Causes Panic In Colorado

“Alien Attack?” Unidentified Swarm Of Drones Causes Panic In Colorado

Residents of Colorado and Nebraska are left confounded as a mysterious swarm of drones keeps surfacing at night. According to a Denver Post article, the flying drones appear at night and are yet unidentified.


The sightings began since the week of Christmas and may have initially not caused worry. With the traditional lighting that the Christmas season brings, a swarm of drones at night may not have been a major issue.


However, from 23rd December until the night of 29th December, the drones kept appearing. As of now, they have been seen in nearly six counties between Colorado and Nebraska. The drones appear at about the same time each night, within 1800 to 2200 hours (6 pm and 10 pm). Then they vanish until the next night.


They are also described as flying in groups of between 17 and 30. The drones are about six feet in size (measuring approximately across their wings).


When Denver Post first reported the sighting on 23rd December, the swarm of drones had appeared only in the Northeastern sky of Colorado. Up until the writing of this article, the local law enforcement agencies have nothing solid to say about the drones.


Swarm of drones Colorado Nebraska
A drone at night. Photo: Snaproll Media.
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Also, the Federal Aviation Agency, Drug Enforcement Agency, U.S. Army, and the Air Force have not released any statement on who owns and controls the giant drones causing panic.


Only Phillips County Sheriff, Thomas Elliot has an idea of what their flying pattern could mean. He told the Denver Post:


“They’ve been doing a grid search, a grid pattern,


“They fly one square and then they fly another square.”


Many are speculating that the drones may be run by some private company testing mass searching tools. Others have also gone as far as suggesting an Alien attack or an invasion from outside our earth.


Elliot also said that all they need for answers is one catch:


“We just want to know if one lands, if we can get our hands on it, or if they see someone operating them, that’s what we’re looking for now.”


But the drones fly too high in the sky according to reports. They cannot even be heard and only their strobing white lights along with red, blue and green lights can be seen.


Authorities also warn residents to be cautious and not shoot at the drones when they sight them. This is because, according to a drone pilot Vic Moss, they are highly inflammable and can cause fire disasters. He also speculated that the Colorado swarm of drones don’t appear malicious.


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