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Ali Baba Gives Reason Why Married Women Who Cheat Are “Frowned At”

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Veteran Nigerian Comedian Alli Baba has given his two cents on the issue of cheating among married people.


Alli Baba recently disclosed why Nigerian husbands cannot tolerate their wives cheating on them.


He wrote:


“Why are married women frowned at when they cheat? Because, a man can not bring a child into the home and carry on like the child belongs to the two of you, but a woman can.”


Comedian Ali Baba States Why Cheating Married Women Are Frowned At
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See his post below:


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Are we clear now?

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Cheating is a big issue when it comes to relationships and marriage. For some, cheating is when a person has intimate relations with someone else that is not their partner.


However, others see merely regularly chats or calling someone that is not your partner is cheating.


But why do people cheat? Is it because of incompatibility, financial issues, intimacy, or the mere desire to be adventurous?


Often times, the person who cheats has to deal with the guilt. While the partner who is cheated on develops trust issues in the relationship.


Cheating has destroyed a lot of relationships and marriages. Fidelity is important in marriage, as the rate of divorce gets higher by the day.


Also, people seemingly choose to double date more these days. It is one trend popular among the youth and social media crowd.


Ali Baba got married to his wife Mary Akpobome in 2006 and has been able to keep his marriage private and scandal-free.


What is your take on the issue of cheating in marriage? Is there a way to curtail it?


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