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Airtime Giveaway! Answer all Questions Correctly And Win.

Airtime Giveaway: Answer This Tech Quiz Correctly And Win

How updated is your knowledge of the tech world? Be the first to correctly answer all the questions in the quiz below and win 1K airtime.


Remember to fill in your name and email address in the boxes below to help us reach you if you win.


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1. What is the name of the two NASA astronauts that SpaceX launched into space on its first manned flight in 2020?

2. Which hacktivist group resurfaced in 2020 following protests related to George Floyd's death?

3. The most sold smartphone in Nigeria in Q1 2020 is ...

4. Which two companies came together to complete the first optical connection between the US and Africa in 2020?

5. What year did Henry Ford unveil and drive his first quadricycle?

6. Why is Google involved in a $5 billion lawsuit in California concerning Chrome Browser?

7. Which hacker did Apple pay $100,000 for discovering a vulnerability in Sign in with Apple software in 2020?

8. Which of these applications has less than 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store?

9. The Remove China Apps application was developed by software developers in ...

10. The Consumer Technology Association revealed that the CES 2021 will be held in which city?


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