You are currently viewing “Afrobeats Originates From Nigeria, Not Africa” – Mary Njoku Argues

“Afrobeats Originates From Nigeria, Not Africa” – Mary Njoku Argues

Actress and Movie Maker Mary Njoku, seems to have moved from speaking about marriage and relationship matters to music genres and their originations

"Afrobeats Originates From Nigeria, Not Africa" - Mary Njoku Argues
Mary Njoku

The mother of 3 has outlined the need for Nigerians to ensure that Afrobeats is not stripped of its identity and origination.

Mary Njoku who recounted how someone claimed that plantain chips was “invented” in America and how a foreigner who doesn’t speak Yoruba was acknowledged as the one who named Nigerian youths the “Sorosoke Generation”, stated that we need to always point out that Afrobeats originates from Nigeria before it becomes a “jollof rice” story.

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She took to her instagram to further assert her claim

Na so I here say someone invent plantain chips (kpekere)for America few years ago 🙄🙄.
Dem say Nigerian youths were named ‘sorosoke’ generation by a foreigner wey no dey speak yoruba 😂😂

Afrobeat is NIGERIAN 📌

Good morning

Meanwhile recall that just few weeks ago, the actress reprimanded women who have a tendency of complimenting their spouses whenever they care for their children or perform other household tasks.

that women are the root of their troubles because they overreact to small gestures made by their spouses, such as clearing the table after meals or helping the kids with their homework.

She wrote;

”OMG! my husband is so Humble! He Helps me with the Kids Homework! He even helped me feed junior yesterday

Dear friend, your husband isn’t helping you with the kids. They are His kids too. He is just being a great dad. Appreciate Him for that

Further attached to the post, Mary Njoku Wrote;

A family friend cleared his plate after eating, and His wife is showering him with praises for helping HER! His own plate oh. NA WE be the cause of our problems


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