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Africa-UK Female Tech Founders 2020 Submission Closes On Thursday, 21st November 2019

2020 slated Africa-UK Female Tech Founders programme targeted at Female entrepreneurs closes application submissions on Thursday, 21st November 2019. To qualify, candidates must have used a technology innovation to solve some local challenges. Only those living in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa should apply.


The International Tech Hub Network, a United Kingdom Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports (DCMS) initiative run Africa-UK Female Tech Founders 2020. 15 women are to be selected to attend the three-day programme. Five from each of the three countries.


Gender Inclusive Motivated Initiative


The major reason for this programme is to ensure that women are included in economic growth discussions. It is the aim of the curators to shed light on improving women’s skills and connections. Due to the problems they encounter in the tech-sphere, this is an important event.


From 20th to 22nd January 2020, tech-based masterclasses, events and workshops will be provided for the candidates. This will come with trainings on how to improve businesses and increase their reach. Networking with their peers is also an additional benefit.


More women are surging in the tech industry. Photo: Above Whispers


Experts from DCMS will be in charge of running the activities. Female tech leaders and Dealmakers from the Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) along with alumni will also be there.


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Africa-UK Female Tech Founders 2020 Program Run-Down


A Ventureburn article gives an appetizer of what to expect from the programme this coming year. See the list below:


  1. A female tech leaders training session that includes success stories about their funding journeys.
  2. Masterclasses on protecting IP, raising offshore fundings, accessing finance, scaling a purpose-driven social impact business and customer data protection.
  3. GEP alumni roundtable on scaling successfully in the UK.
  4. Female founders and UK startups mentoring event.
  5. Innovation tour that includes Google Campus on co-working spaces.
  6. A dinner with African and UK entrepreneurs for networking.


The 15 candidates selected are invited to the African Investment Summit because it is fixed for 20th January 2020. Meanwhile, submission is still open. Interested women doing well in the tech industry can apply using this link.

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