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Adobe plans to make Photoshop web version free

Adobe most used software, the Photoshop tool, is about to become available for everyone free of charge, see more details below.

Adobe is planning to make a free Photoshop version for web users around the world. Already, the company is testing the free version in Canada. All you will need to access the tool is an Adobe account that can be created for free.

While the tool is being advertised as free, the correct term is freemium — a model in which a software provider gives some features for free and locks advanced once behind a pay wall.

However, just like Canva, which many people continue to use for free, the Adobe free-to-use web version will also have some useful features. It will be just like the Adobe Document Cloud free version as well.

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Maria Yap, Adobe’s VP of digital imaging, explained the rationale behind the announcement as a way to make the software more accessible. The web version is typically contains the basic features of the Photoshop app and is more of a way to collaborate over projects than to edit them. Although, more and more updates keeps rolling out for it every now and then.

“We want to make [Photoshop] more accessible and easier for more people to try it out and experience the product. I want to see Photoshop meet users where they’re at now. You don’t need a high-end machine to come into Photoshop,” Maria Yap said.

The company has not said anything about the free version’s timeline for rollout. Likely, it will make an announcement once the feature leaves the shores of Canada.

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