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Adidas’ New Running Shoes Are Recyclable

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Imagine having running shoes that can be remade. Adidas has just increased its efforts to reduce waste in its shoe-making business. It recently developed what it calls the first-ever performance footwear that is 100% recyclable.


The Adidas running shoes are the latest creation from the creative hub launched by Adidas in 2015 called Futurecraft. They focus on utilising cutting-edge technology for innovative footwear designs.


Developed by BASF, a German chemical company, they make every part of the Futurecraft Loop with 100% reusable thermoplastic polyurethane.


Then they spin the material of the footwear to yarn, moulded and knitted at the automated company facility. The method allows them to remove glue from the manufacturing process to reduce waste and make recycling easier.


Made to be remade

Adidas executive board member Eric Liedtke says the Loop show showcases how the company wants to take responsibility for the entire life of the product. It proves that Adidas can build high-performance running shoes that users do not need to throw away.


Liedtke says that the company is trying to end the concept of waste entirely. The dream is for customers to wear the same shoes repeatedly in a different way.



This is in line with Adidas’ goal of using only recycled plastics in its manufacturing process by 2024.


The company has been on this path for a while. In 2015, they partnered with a conservation group to create sports shoes made from recycled plastic bottles, bags and nets culled from the sea. They had also previously produced a soccer uniform for Manchester United with recycled materials.


The company also says it will produce 11 million pairs of Parley shoes using recycled materials.


The Futurecraft Loop shoes are set to launch with 200 specially selected testers from around the world. Adidas will then get feedback and use it to tweak the design of the shows slated to hit stores in 2021.

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