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Adele Says She Is Not Afraid Ed Sheeran’s Album Drops Around The Same Time As “30”

Grammy award winning singer Adele says she isn’t afraid that Ed Sheeran is dropping his album at about the same time as her “30” album.

Adele Says She Isn't Afraid That Ed Sheeran's Album Drops At About The Same Time As "30"
Photo of Adele and Ed Sheeran

During a chat with U.K.’s Heart Radio, the “Hello” singer joked about the release of her upcoming album being around the same time as Sheeran’s “equals”

“Ed Sheeran’s got an album coming out around the same time,” the radio host told Adele, 33.

“On the 19th?” asked Adele, to which the host replied, “Well, not the 19th. Don’t panic!”

“I ain’t panicking,” she replied with a giggle. “He can panic!. I love Ed and I really love his wife Cherry,” she continued.

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“30” was inspired by Adele’s recent divorce from Simon Konecki, father of their 8-year-old son Angelo. Just last week, the record’s first single, “Easy on Me,” was released.

Also on Friday 15th October, Adele appeared on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James and shared that making her new album was “bloody hard.”

“I think I got a bit frightened of it for a while and it really, really took care of me big time. Not just making this record, my own record, but diving back into old records of other people’s that I loved, discovering new artists on Soundcloud or whatever,” she said.

“It brought so much joy to my life being able to listen to music and wail at the top of my lungs”. She added.

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