You are currently viewing Actress Marsai Martin Talks About Her Ovarian Cyst Removal

Actress Marsai Martin Talks About Her Ovarian Cyst Removal

Hollywood star Marsai Martin is speaking about her ovarian cyst removal after a successful surgery.

The 18-year-old “Black-ish” actress revealed on Saturday, December 10th, that she has dealt with the “constant pain” from an ovarian cyst for several years, sharing a black-and-white video on her Instagram Story of her laying in a hospital bed.

Actress Marsai Martin Talks About Her Ovarian Cyst Removal
Marsai Martin

“If you missed my live, long story short, I had surgery for my large ovarian cyst that gave me constant pain for 4+ years,” she wrote alongside the clip. “I really don’t remember any of this sh*t because of the anesthesia, lol. But I will say that I am very grateful to have family and educators by my side in support of this process.”

The only reason I am sharing this is so I can hopefully spread awareness and share my experience to the young women out there that may be going through the same thing or have difficult menstrual cycles,” Martin added. “You are never alone. Listen to your body. It always shows you signs. Health is wealth.”

Actress Marsai Martin Talks About Her Ovarian Cyst Removal
Screenshots of Marsai Martin’s Instagram story talking about her surgery

The following day, the actress shared an update on Instagram and assured fans that she has recovered well from the procedure.

“Thank y’all for all the love,” she wrote. “The procedure was 10 days ago and I’m now feeling fine. I also appreciate the stories from folks that have been through the same thing! But I’m back and I’m betta.”

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Martin occasionally gives fans a look into her personal life, and spoke earlier this year about her struggles with mental health. Back in 2019, the actress and producer opened up about dealing with depression.

Earlier this year, she reflected on taking better care of her body by being vocal about her struggles and getting help, urging others to do the same.

“Well, what I learned is the only way to truly get help with an issue is to make folks aware when you need help,” Martin told Ebony Magazine in May. “I try to remember that sometimes when I keep things to myself I won’t get an outside perspective that may help me realize things are that bad or help.” She said.


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