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Actress Juliana Olayode Accuses Her “Spiritual Father” Of Assaulting Sister, Demands Release Of Her Passwords

Actress Juliana Olayode is currently at loggerheads with her former pastor Timilehin Adigun and has accused him of not only holding onto her social media passwords but also sexually assaulting her sister.

Juliana Olayode
Julaina Olayode/Timilehin Adigun

Olayode popular for her role as Toyo Baby in Jenifa’s diaries took to her Instagram Tuesday to accuse Adigun, who doubled as her “spiritual father” and manager of holding on to her social media passwords and posting on it without her consent. According to the actress, she went to his church to demand he gives her the passwords to her amazon, notjustok, Facebook accounts. However, Adigun started screaming at her and asked security to walk her and her sisters out of his church.


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The teary actress and author asked that Adigun release her passwords and leave her alone in the video.

Shortly after, they began an exchange of words on the internet and Olayode revealed Adigun the pastor also sexually assaulted her sister.

She wrote, “Did you listen to yourself at all? I don’t think you did. You manipulated and s*xually abused my sister and you thought I would be calm. You expect me not to be furious. How are you processing the things you did and the things you said? How? I don’t get you.

“You talk about apology and forgiveness. Forgiving you is a process for me. I forgave you then, for my sanity, just when I am trying to move on. You do something else that triggers me and I get mad at you again and I beg God to help me forgive you again.

“The hurt is really deep, the pain, the trauma, the disappointment, the sleepless nights, the tears that drenched my pillow, the shock, the entire experience is indescribable.”

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In response, Adigun said on his Instagram story, “For those concerned for me and asking me to stop responding, if I was brought before a court, I would have to talk or my lawyer would talk.

“I have been brought before a social media jury. I have to speak the truth but it is still up to individuals to choose what to believe.

“That said, I want to make it public here that I am ready to stand before any court or panel and I am ready to be investigated.

“When you know you have told the truth, there is no more fear. I NEVER sexually abused anyone! I have facts, figures and dates. What I was guilty of, I owned up to and apologised for. The next I want to see is a subpoena.

“I will continue on social media and continue building my businesses and ministry. This is a distraction I have no time for. I will not be posting on this again.”


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