Actress Etinosa Reveals She Will Not Disclose The Identity Of Her Child

Actress Etinosa Reveals She Will Not Disclose The Identity Of Her Child

Popular Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia recently revealed she will not disclose the identity of her child for privacy sake.

While in an interview with Punch Etinosa explained that the toxic nature of the society is the reason she needs to protect the privacy of her loved ones.

Actress Etinosa Reveals She Will Not Disclose The Paternity Of Her Child

 “Nigeria is filled with very toxic people so one needs to protect one’s loved ones. I have never revealed the identity of my parents or any siblings and I don’t intend to reveal the identity of my husband and children, except they opt for that themselves.

I signed up for a public life when I switched careers to join the entertainment industry. Am a public person, not my family members, so I have to respect and guard their privacy.”

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“Besides, what does the public need such information for? Did my fans conclude that I am not married? I would rather they are curious about my career plans which is what directly affects them.”. She said.

While addressing the controversy as regards her pregnancy, the actress said it was indeed a secret. “It was just a private affair, because my true friends, employers and family were very aware that I was pregnant.

It was a high-risk pregnancy but God saw me through. I was two months gone before I knew I was pregnant. I would not even have known until much later if not that my long-time doctor and friend forced me to do a pregnancy test when I was busy treating ‘stubborn malaria’.” She revealed.


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