Actor Jibola Dabo Says He Now Turns Down Wicked Or Stepdad Roles

Jibola Dabo: Veteran Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo has said he now turns down roles that type-cast him.

Jibola Dabo

The 78-year-old actor during an interview with The Nation said he is now selective of the roles he plays. Dabo said that he’s tired of roles that cast him as a wicked dad or step-father as he’s pursuing characters that challenge him.

“If the story does not make sense, I’ll reject such with due respect,” he said. “I have seen a script that I wonder what the scriptwriter is trying to say. And then why? Well, I’m tired of playing the role of a wicked father or stepfather in the movies. I think I’ve done so much of that, so, I want roles that would challenge me.”

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He spoke about the change in Nigeria’s movie industry, saying it is now profitable for actors.

“Then and now, it is just like day and night. We were in the film industry when we were not making money and we were there when there was no industry. There would always be an industry, there would always be productions but there was no Nollywood. Those were days when we went to Channel 10 for a program and we did not have money to take a bus back home. But, now we have actors building houses and buying cars, so that tells you the story in a nutshell.”

Jibola Dabo is a Nigerian actor, producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur whose career has spanned over three decades.

He’s starred in over 150 Nollywood films including “Dirty secrets”, “Game Changer”, “25th birthday”, “Broken Mirror” amongst others.

Dabo has won several awards including Best Actor of The Year at the Zuma Festival, Most Prominent Actor In Nigeria at the AMVCA amongst others.

He reportedly has five children from five different women.


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