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Accurate Facial Recognition Could Be A Problem

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With the rate at which technology is going and the infusion of good enough data, the accuracy rate of facial recognition will be almost perfect.


Airports in some developed countries have already implemented the technology for security reasons. However, there are concerns that it might be a tool to violate human rights.


The technology can help to make tasks more efficient, automated and convenient. But, without regulations, these might be time bombs waiting to explode. With more deep learning-based technology, the recognition technology is getting even more accurate.


If the technology is fed different variations of an individual, it could more accurately recognise the images fed. Problems could then arise if facial recognition misidentifies people and law enforcement arrest the wrong person.


The downsides

The United States Customs and Border Protection stated that they use the technology in a number of ways. To identify non-US citizens who are using fraudulent documents and to provide a quicker check-in process. There are concerns that they use the technology to create digital identification of millions of Americans without their consent.


The US Customs and Border Protection has allayed these fears by saying they delete photos after 12 hours. They explained that they give citizens the option of using the facial recognition check-in or a manual one. The problem is that not a lot of people are aware of these choices.


Regarding using the technology to protect the US from undocumented migrants and cross-border crimes, there are concerns that the tool could violate human rights protection. Some restrictions, therefore, will be carried out to avoid this.



China, on the other hand, is already seeing how the overuse of the technology can get out of hand. They are using facial recognition for mass surveillance and to give citizens social scores. They base the social scores on economic and social reputation. But tainting it is easy, by bad driving, buying too many video games and posting fake news online.


The technology is a powerful tool that can be used to find missing people or check people into airports. The problem of data access can, however, curb the power of this technology. Regulation and strict guidelines would help to make it safer.


Nigeria is not there yet with using the technology at airports but we will. When we finally get there, we need to be ready and learn from the errors of those who have already done it.


At the pace it is going, just like fingerprint technology, we will be able to use it to open doors and for documentation. At the moment, it is great to open our smartphones with.

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