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Review: Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” Shocks With An Unexpected Ending

When Tyler Perry announced his new film, “A Fall From Grace”, the news was greeted with mixed reactions.


Some people believed that the producer was releasing another blockbuster. Others, however, felt that he was simply reworking one of his old stories. This set of Twitter users claimed that Tyler Perry was fond of painting black women as broken.



Well, the film came out on Netflix on the said date and, if you are yet to watch it, beware! There are spoilers ahead.


“A Fall From Grace” talks about a woman named Grace Waters (played by Crystal Fox) who, in a search for love, fell for a younger man. This came years after her divorce and the marriage of her son. She heeds the advice of her best friend, Sarah (Phylicia Rashad) who tells her she deserves to be happy. So she decides to marry this “perfect gentleman” that comes along.


A few months into the marriage, she realises her husband, Shannon (Mehcad Brooks), scams her and takes away everything she has earned. She loses her job, her peace and, worst of all, her marriage as he openly cheats on her.


Grace in anger hits her husband with a baton, leading to her imprisonment and her awaiting trial for murder. Now she has to depend on her young lawyer Jasmine (Bresha Webb) to prove her innocence in the face of clear evidence that she was responsible for his death.



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Unlike what people think, “A Fall From Grace” is quite different from other films that Tyler Perry has created. The film reveals that a broken woman can still find the strength to stand for herself and gain back all she has lost.


(L-R) Michelle Sneed, Matthew Law, Bresha Webb, Tyler Perry, Cicely Tyson, Crystal Fox, Mehcad Brooks, Phylicia Rashad and Will Areu attend the premiere of Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” at Metrograph on January 13, 2020, in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)


However, there were few shortcomings here and there. For instance, Grace never met any family member of her supposed husband. You don’t have to live abroad to know that family is important to black Americans.


So when his extraordinary show of love swayed Grace, why didn’t she even bother to meet any member of his family or run a background check being a banker who should know the importance of accountability?


Secondly, Shannon, Grace’s young husband, was too fast with defrauding Grace. He wasted no time before swinging into fraudulent activities that led to the loss of her job, her house and, in the end, her sanity. For a man who has everything planned out, he would want to take his time to have at least a year of blissful marriage.


In conclusion, Tyler Perry did a good job with this film. He successfully kept the suspense level at its peak as viewers anticipated to know the real killer of Grace’s husband.


You can have a feel of Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” on Netflix and see the beautiful work that this talented writer and scriptwriter released in January 2020.


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