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A Quick Guide To Getting Rid Of Puffy Eyes

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It’s true that crying can be therapeutic. A good cry every now and then is healthy. However, the puffy eyes that crying results into can be very problematic, especially when concealing them. This is why you need to dig into our bag of tricks on how to rid of it. We’ve got the perfect quick guide you can apply to rid yourself of those puffy eyes.


With these applied, you can cry your heart out and purge your emotions, then still look your best the next day. No one would be able to tell.

Ways to rid yourself of puffy eyes

Sheet mask

Use a sheet mask to get rid of puffy eyes

Place a sheet mask that’s been kept in the fridge overnight over your face. This would not only depuff your eyes but also your entire face, giving you a younger, more supple look.



Use cucumber slices to get rid of puffy eyes

Cucumbers are the old time favourite of any spa fanatic. It helps depuff your eyes organically. Try not to consume it even if it’s tempting.



Use slices of potatoes to get rid of puffy eyes

Another edible you can use are slices of potatoes. They contain astringent properties that work to reduce irritation and swelling on your eyes.


Tea bags

Use tea bags to get rid of puffy eyes

You can use a tea bag by dipping in hot water to make tea. When cool, place the tea bags over your eyes to decrease the swelling. Tea bags contain caffeine that helps constrict blood vessels in your eyes, thus reducing swelling.



Massage your skin to get rid of puffy eyes

Lightly massage the puffiness away with your fingers. It’s a gentle massage that helps you get the lymphatic drainage going. It also helps reduce puffiness in your eyes and face.


Cold metal spoon

Use a cold spoon to get rid of puffy eyes

Another way to soothe your eyes is by placing cold metal spoons on it. Put spoons in the freezer overnight. Then, by morning, use them to cover your puffy eyes to reduce the swelling.


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