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A Guide To Getting The Perfect Owambe Experience

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Who doesn’t love a weekend Owambe? One with assorted Nigerian delicacies, loud music coming from the DJ’s stand, and mint notes being sprayed on good dancers.


We believe that good things will happen to you in the remaining days of 2019. In that light, we present a guide to getting the perfect Owambe experience.


1. Know a good tailor

Singer Chidinma Ekile. Photo: Instagram


We all know that Owambe parties are not for corporate attires. A complete Owambe look would consist of a beautifully tied gele (head tie) with a good, fitting lace or Ankara dress for women. For the men, a good Agbada or senator’s traditional outfit will be absolutely appropriate. Look for a good tailor who is skillful in making good clothes, and won’t put a hole in your pocket in the process. Find a tailor who knows the importance of making your clothes on time and won’t disappoint you at the last minute.

2. Eat before going to the party
Sisi Yemmie at Baileys Bake Fest 2. Photo: Instagram / Sisi Yemmie



We all love party jollof rice and amala and ewedu, but these meals usually come late at parties. So to avoid feeling grumping please eat at your house before going to the party. This way you can dance well,  be in a lively mood and enjoy yourself at the party. This does not mean you will reject the hot Jollof, that’s against Owambe rules.


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3. Get a statement shoe


A pair of shoes can either make or break a good look. So invest in a pair of good shoes, preferably one that can make your feet stand out in any outfit. Find those statement shoes that will make the Master of Ceremony (MC) pause to acknowledge your presence.


4. Invest in quality makeup

Toke Makinwa, with makeup done by Anita Brows. Photo: Instagram / anitabrows


Gone her the days when you could go to a party with just your foundation and powder. We are now in the era of glamorous face beats and makeovers. You can invest your money in good makeup products and learn to do simple routines like getting your brows lined on YouTube. You can also go after the services of a makeup artist whenever you are going out for that party. The idea is to look breathtakingly beautiful. After all, it’s not every Saturday we get to party.


5. Get a gift for the celebrant


An Owambe can either be a birthday party, house warming ceremony, or wedding party, and the list goes on. After you have spent money on getting the perfect dress, shoe and makeover. Ensure you keep some money to spray on the celebrant, or better still use it in getting a gift.


It’s 2019, don’t dull yourself, go out and have fun. Be Owambe ready.


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