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A Gentleman’s Guide On What Shoes To Pair With Jeans

Some pairs of shoes make a man. Those fancy kinds that make all the girls go wild can also boost the man’s pride. However, not all men are fashionistas! It actually takes some level of commitment for men to dress right. Time waits for no man, neither do some men wait for time. Being on the clock means spending less time worrying about what to wear. However, that ideology has made some people hide in the shadows of others.



A popular phrase says, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” Therefore, men shouldn’t be sloppy but should make an effort to look presentable and stylish. There’s more to dressing up than just throwing on whatever you set your eyes on first in the closet. Unfortunately, not everyone takes out time to select matching or mix-matched outfits for the sole purpose of being stylish. However, such initiatives are usually worth the wait when they show up looking dashing and breathtaking.


There’s one staple you can get away with wearing even if you’re not a fashion icon. Obviously, the magic word is ‘Jeans’. Men love their jeans, and you can’t spot one in a diverse crowd of ten without a pair on. Jeans are one of the wardrobe staple every man needs to have. They come in different shapes and sizes that can suit whatever your taste is.


How to pair your shoes with your jeans

First, determine what the occasion is. It’s either casual or dressy. You don’t want to be that guy who wore proper shoes to an outdoor sporting event or a day at the park. What’s the setting?


Whatever it is, try to wear your jeans the right way. Even if it’s casual, don’t wear ripped jeans. If it’s semi-formal, put on a shirt or t-shirt and tuck it in. For something fancier, use darker jeans and put on a blazer.


Not so sloppy right? Now, what shoes fit your look.


1. Casual

Source: Stitch Fix


For a casual setting, you can put on a pair of sneakers, boat shoes or casual loafers. If you want to make your shoes the centre of attention in this casual look choice, then use a lace-up or Chelsea boots.


2. Semi-formal

Sorce: Stitch Fix


Are you off to work, but you’re in a jeans mood? In case you don’t want to get a sack letter because you ‘looked too casual’, then rock yours this way. Avoid the faded jeans and wear one that’s in a dark-wash shade. Then, put on dress shoes in leather or suede to complete the look. If you want to show off your fancy socks, then you can roll up the cuffs of the jeans a bit. Fancy you!


For something fancier, like a more serious occasion, opt for a pair of monk straps, brogues or tasselled shoes. Use dark jeans to pull all the attention to your sleek look, especially your shoes.


3. Formal

Source: Stitch Fix


Is this a blazer kind of occasion? Then be ready to blow minds. Achieve this by using a pair of plain toe shoes or whole cut shoes in a dark colour like black. Just because it’s jeans doesn’t mean you can’t wear formal shoes with them. Just ensure your jeans are a slim fit and dark-wash kind so you don’t look sloppy.

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