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Carbon Free Atmosphere Is Possible And Norway Is Showing The Rest Of The World How Through Electric Vehicles

A Carbon-free Atmosphere Is Possible And Norway Is Showing The Rest Of The World How

Climate change is a hot topic and carbon emission is one of its major antagonists but Norway is showing that a healthier earth is possible with the way it is adopting electric vehicles. To emphasise on the country’s confidence, it had announced back in 2016 that it would likely ban all petrol cars by 2025. Will it meet its mark? We cannot see into the future but we can take informed guesses.


Consider that in August 2017, 40% of all cars sold in Norway were electric vehicles, or plug-in EVs as they are also called. However, Norway’s electric car vehicle success did not just happen. It was a steady process that many other countries interested in cutting the use of fossil fuel-powered vehicles can adopt.


After the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan Leaf launched in Norway in 2011, the country’s parliament extended electric car incentives in 2012. It said that the incentives will remain in place until 2018 or until there were about 50,000 EVs in the country.


Also, note that 98% of the electricity generated in the country comes from renewable energy sources, mainly hydropower.

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These incentives involved such things as: Temporary exemption from import tax (1990); Import tax exemption made permanent and Reduced annual registration tax (1996); Exemption from road tolls (1997); Special “EL” series plates introduced and Free parking in public spaces (1999); Reduced company car tax (2000); VAT reduced to zero percent (2001); and Free access to road ferries (2009).


These and other recent incentives that are unique to EVs likely encouraged more people to purchase the zero-emission cars. This is a viable strategy for many other nations. However, it is worth noting that Norway has a population size of between five to six million people.


By the end of 2019 55.9% of the car market share in Norway belonged to EVs, according to a Norwegian Road Federation(OFV) report. Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association claims that there are 420,237 units of electric vehicles in use in the country as of June 2020.


The government had been chasing this kind of goal since the 1990s and put policies in place to meet it. Norway has become a hot market for EVs. Electric car companies prioritise the region over others. Tesla and Nissan lead the EV market in Norway. The country gives the rest of the world hope that they can defeat carbon emission. Yet, even Norway itself has a long way to go as only 10% of all cars on its road are all electric vehicles.


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