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Opinion: Is Tyler Perry Obsessed With Portraying Black Women As Broken?

In a post shared on Twitter last week, Tyler Perry shared a teaser trailer for a new film, “A Fall From Grace”, set to premiere on Netflix. Many were quick to attack Tyler Perry, pointing out his alleged love to see black women abused.


Rather than portray blacks as happy and hardworking, putting them in a favourable light, he allegedly prefered to see them abused or as “mad black women”. It’s no surprise that this was coined from his famous debut feature film, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”.


His last project, “Acrimony”, still receives mixed criticisms and reviews. Many who watched it debate on who is to blame, while some still haven’t forgiven him for portraying Taraji P Henson as a bitter black woman.


Some say it’s an underlying, consistent formula for his plays and films. He’s too obsessed, they say. Well, I beg to differ.


Tyler Perry



There is a notion in the arts that believes in creating a niche for yourself and thriving in it. I do feel Tyler has succeeded exceedingly well in doing this.


Perry focuses on telling the stories of black people and all the drama that surrounds them. These are real-life stories a lot of women and black families can relate to. Perhaps he believes in these stories and is trying to show the world how he sees them. Or maybe, just maybe, while growing up, he came across these issues as a young lad.


In his defence, like Taraji P Henson once said in an interview, “[Perry is] not snatching these characters out of the sky. These characters exist.”


For a fact, if these stories don’t sit well with you, that doesn’t mean someone out there won’t see, relate to and appreciate it. For a certainty, as a creative and professional, it’s Tyler Perry’s duty to execute and portray these stories as he deems fit.


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Tyler Perry s A Fall From Grace
Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” poster


Tyler Perry new film, “A Fall From Grace”, spins another story of a black hardworking woman named Grace. She remains composed even after her ex marries his mistress, and her son leaves home.


Grace is charged with the murder of her second husband. It is interesting to note that Grace’s second love is noticeably younger than her and, as such, makes this a beautiful conspiracy to the thrilling drama about to hit our TVs.


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