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Do You Know Drinking Garri Could Give You Lassa Fever?

Medical professionals are warning Nigerians from soaking Garri as it increases their chances of contracting Lassa Fever. Reports reveal that the rats that cause Lassa Fever are mostly in contact with Nigerian most staple food “Garri” which is a cassava product.


Do You Know Drinking Garri Puts You At Risk Of Contracting Lassa Fever


Also, garri does not require boiled water that is capable of killing the bacteria that causes Lassa Fever.


Do You Know Drinking Garri Puts You At Risk Of Contracting Lassa Fever


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The incubation period of Lassa fever ranges from 6–21 days. The onset of the disease, when symptomatic, is usually gradual. It starts with fever, general weakness, and malaise. After a few days, headache, sore throat, muscle pain, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, cough, and abdominal pain may follow.


The Ministry of Health is presently sensitising the public. They should ensure that their fruits and raw vegetables are properly washed if they must be consumed raw.


Also, they should cook food to the appropriate temperature. Furthermore, they should store foodstuffs in air-tight clean plastic containers to prevent contamination by the Lassa Fever-carrying rodents.


Already State Governments are sensitizing the public in place to curb its spread in various states of the county.


Adamawa State Government recently confirmed four suspected cases of Lassa fever in the state. The state Director, Public Health, Dr Bwalki Dilli, disclosed the development to the News Agency of Nigeria in Yola.


Dilli, however, said the four cases are still undergoing diagnosis. He said:

“The patients were admitted at the state treatment centre located at Federal Medical Centre, Yola. Their samples had been taken and referred to the laboratory in Abuja, for diagnosis. When the final result is out, we would inform the general public about the situation.”


“Health is wealth”, and at this time we must all be on the lookout. If possible, stay away from soaking Garri until the Federal Ministry of Health records a breakthrough.


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