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Tears Of Joy: Here’s Why People Cry At Weddings

Weddings tend to bring out emotions from the couple, their immediate families, and sometimes all the guests present.


Attending someone’s nuptials can be emotional when you know the couple getting married. We all know that one person who cries at the ceremony even when they’re the plus one and don’t even know the lovebirds.


It’s another Saturday and two adults must have said “I do” hours ago. These adults who are now man and wife have affirmed their love for each other. They have also promised to stay with each other for life.


It’s now becoming a part of the wedding ceremony to see the couple shed tears. These tears are often said to be “tears of joy”.


Tears Of Joy!-Here's Why Do People Cry At Weddings


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There are also times that the best man cries when delivering his speech. There have been videos of bridesmaid crying as the bride walks through that aisle to meet her groom.


Tears Of Joy!-Here's Why Do People Cry At Weddings


Marriage is a sacred union, and the wedding ceremony is one that will always be remembered by the couple. It is a day of joy for their friends and family who are witnessing the union.


Tears are a show of emotion. We cry when we are sad or even we are happy. So for every couple who shed a tear while taking their vows today, we say a big congratulations and wish them a “Happy Married Life”.


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