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Six Reasons Why You Should Consider A Weekday Wedding

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Have you ever considered having a weekday wedding? Have a few friends and family at a selected venue. Some people may call this a low budget wedding, but you are not getting married for them, are you? Weekday weddings are a norm outside the country, but here in Nigeria, people are yet to embrace it.

Below are some reasons why you should consider a weekday wedding.


1. It saves you money

Six Reasons Why You Should Consider A WeekDay Wedding


A weekday wedding is your best option if you have a budget. Most venues have cheaper rates due to less demand for use. Whatever you have budgeted for a Saturday venue, you might end up spending half of it on a weekday, plus your dream venue will probably be free.

2. It helps you keep out uninvited guests


We have all gone to a wedding in the spirit of Owambe; there is no shame in it. When it’s your wedding and you want to minimise attendance, a weekday wedding is all you need. Most people have 9-5 jobs, and they will come only if you mean something to them. Meanwhile, “uninvited guests” won’t bother showing up.


3. It is intimate


The weekday doesn’t come with all the attention and limelight of the weekend, so you and your family can enjoy the privacy you need. You will also be able to give your guests your full attention.

4. Your vendors will be available

Isn’t it great that your favourite vendors won’t be busy during the week? They will book at cheaper rates too because you might be their only client.


5. Your dates are more flexible

Weekend weddings only have Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays. If you choose the weekdays, you have Mondays through Friday to choose from. Plus, you won’t be struggling for the day with anyone else.


6. You can party into the weekend


A weekday wedding can turn into a full-blown weekend Owambe. Why party for one day when you can party for an entire weekend?


There you have it. Getting married on a weekday can be fun and very economical. What are you waiting for? Start planning that weekday wedding and don’t forget to send us an invite.

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