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Amazon Makes Grocery Home Delivery Free For Prime Members

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In a recent attempt to corner the home delivery market, Amazon ditched its grocery delivery fee. This, in turn, puts pressure on other competitors such as rival Walmart.


The company then said it was dropping the additional $15 monthly fee for existing users of its Amazon Fresh delivery service. It is available through its Prime subscription program.


“Grocery delivery is one of the fastest-growing businesses at Amazon. And we think this will be one of the most-loved Prime benefits,” said the firm’s vice president Stephenie Landry.


Prime membership costs $119 annually. It includes video streaming services along with free, fast delivery of many Amazon purchases. It will now also include delivery of meats, seafood, produce, snacks and household items in some 2,000 towns and cities, according to the Seattle-based company.



In a blog post, Amazon said:

“We’ve also improved delivery speed with one and two-hour options in most Amazon Fresh cities, and we’ll continue expanding ultrafast speeds to all cities where the service is available.”


Amazon owns Whole Foods Market grocery store chain, which also offers its own free delivery options. Offering free delivery throws down the gauntlet to competitors including retail colossus Walmart. Walmart charges a $12.95 monthly fee for the convenience.

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