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Pinterest Is Changing Its Initial Idea For Stories For The Consensus Approach

Pinterest is now displaying a row of stories at the top of its home screen within its app. The stories are very identical to those of other social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and others.


The change is to begin taking effect today on the iOS and Android apps. Pinterest had earlier introduced “Story Pins” to its UI in September 2020.


Story Pins were first introduced in September 2020. They worked very similarly to other stories, allowing short videos to be posted back to back which users can then tap to move between.

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However, unlike the usual arrangement in other apps, they appeared like any other post on Pinterest, as just another box on various grids of pins even though they functioned like the usual stories.


Now they’ll appear at the top of the home screen, with the app will even suggesting stories from creators you aren’t following (yet). The change aims at boosting engagement on stories, even encouraging creators to start posting more stories on the app.


On Pinterest though, the biggest difference around Story Pins is that not everybody can create them. The feature limited to approved businesses and creators for now and it is unknown if that will change soon.



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