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Will You Rock These 90s-Inspired Makeup Trends?

Style is ever-evolving and old trends are recycled over and over again. Bell-bottoms and platform heels have made a comeback and now, 90s makeup is in again! Following the widespread nostalgia for simpler times and the HBO teen drama hit series, Euphoria, women are circling back to makeup trends from the 1990s. If you want to hop on this stylish retro trend, here are a few looks for you to try!


1. Bright or glittery eyeshadow

bright eyeshadow 90s inspired makeup trend
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Bright-coloured eyeshadow was such a hit that it took over women’s lids in the ‘80s and kept right on into the ‘90s. Chalky pastel shades commonly covered eyelids during both decades, serving as everyone’s choice statement eye. You could also go for glittery eyeshadow. Pasting glitter around your eyes is an artsy good time and makes for the ultimate eye-catching looks. For a modern take on these eyeshadow trends, put cream or liquid shadow all over your lids or create a gradient with the pastel-coloured eyeshadow.


2. Lined lips

90s inspired makeup trend
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Remember the era of young Nollywood vixens in spaghetti straps and block heels? Remember how their looks were never complete without that bad girl brown lipliner? Yes. That’s what we’re talking about. But as the early 2000s passed by, people began to see lined lips as trashy. But now this 90s-inspired makeup trend is back in fashion, and we’re loving it. So sharpen your pencil, ready your lipgloss, and remember that the only rule is to not overdo it.


3. Dark lipstick

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Get your revamped 90s makeup look with a dark lipstick. Deep browns, burgundies and reds give off major Brandy vibes. They are the bold touch you need to turn your simple makeup look into a statement. Additionally, dark lips look amazing on a lot of different skin tones. Start with a lip liner and fill in your lips with either a matte lip stain or a moist lipstick. Lining your lips first will make sure the lipstick lasts longer.


4. No makeup makeup

makeup trends
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With all the bold colourful trends going around, the 90s was also marked by barely-there makeup. It sounds contradictory but it’s true! The modern version of the ‘90s natural look is no makeup, makeup. You can achieve this by neatly shaping your brows and lining them lightly, adding a thin layer of foundation and concealer, and using plain lipgloss on your lips. You can also add a little bit of a cream highlighter to mimic a natural glow.


5. Glossy lips

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The peak of all the 90s inspired makeup trends is glossy lips. Sparkly shimmery lipgloss is the girliest thing in the world, and it makes you feel powerful and feminine at the same time. There’s nothing better than getting your glow on and having the sunlight reflect off your lips. The most amazing part of this trend is that the best lipglosses usually come in the brandless N200 tubes!

What is your favourite look? Comment below!

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