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Eight Korean Skincare Hacks You Should Know For Better Skin

Ever just wanted to roll out of bed with the perfect skin greeting you in the mirror. It’s the Sleeping Beauty wish of everyone. But the reality is that you need to put in the work. Koreans come tops in those who know how to do just that. They have a selected 11-step Korean product category for the perfect skin care routine that could make your head spin.


In actuality, it’s not that big of a deal if you consider the healthy and younger looking aftereffect of your skin. While there are several products and routines you can live by, we know all the best skin care hacks you can apply.


An added advantage is to use Korean skincare products as they contain highly active ingredients. These help to fight skin issues, such as dehydration, wrinkles and dark spots, better and faster than other skincare products. Their brands are also majorly comprised of gentle cleansers, cleansing oils, cleansing balms, sheet masks and peeling gels.


Generally, these are quite affordable to buy in Korea. However, when you have to access them from your country, it may be slightly higher.


Therefore, for those who want to enjoy the Korean skincare benefits, you can follow these tips.


Note: Ensure you use products, even Korean skincare items, certified by your dermatologist.


Eight Korean skincare hacks to know for better skin


1. A facial steam massage in the shower

This is one routine you can do by yourself. Rather than go through the hassle of going to a masseuse, you can take time out to groom your own face. With a gentle tap of your face in a circular motion, you can get the blood in your face circulating. Start from your forehead and then gradually go down to the cheekbone until you reach the chin. This also creates a dewy complexion for your skin. Do this with a steamer or just simply turn on the hot tap in the shower of a Skin Care Hack Steam! Ensure you don’t burn your skin in the process. Keep off the hot water!


2. Steam your face with a washcloth

To get your face seeping through the benefits of steaming, you can have direct contact with a washcloth. Soak your washcloth in hot water and then use it to massage your face in a circular motion. This is another way to increase circulation in your face while battling early wrinkles.


3. The sunscreen skin care hack

You’ve not mastered the Korean beauty hack if you haven’t used sunscreen. This should be applied both indoors and outdoors. The only difference is that you can use it once while indoors but have to reapply when outdoors. If you’re worried about your makeup, then you can use a sun protection spray. The sun causes severe damage to the skin and is also a bearer of many skin conditions.


4. Use a sheet face mask

The type of sheet mask you decide to use varies and have their functionality. Some could simply help you clear clogged pores, while others do both pores and heal breakouts. There are those amazing sheet masks that help to hydrate your skin, clear clogged pores, brighten the skin and heal breakouts. One factor is the fact that sheet masks are very affordable, so you can get them easily. However, ensure you read the ingredients before you get one. We recommend you get a charcoal sheet face mask because charcoal is one ingredient that helps you detox and exfoliate your skin. You can leave it on as recommended or for as long as you feel the effect. It’s usually left on for 15-20 minutes.




5. Apply an eye cream routine for your skin care

A lot (and we mean a lot!) of people neglect the under eyes. This is basically one part of the face that suffers the most. It’s not surprising when you get bags under your eyes when you sleep less or more. You can also get puffy eyes or even early wrinkles from all that life stress. However, Koreans know how to treat their eyes like a charm with their eye cream routine. You can achieve this by;

  • Massaging your eyes in a circular motion.
  • Using fruits like cucumber over your eyes to detox.
  • Using a recommended eye cream from your dermatologist.
  • Applying hacks for puffy eyes when the going gets tough.


6. Use a lip balm

Did we say the eyes were the most neglected? Let’s add the lips to that list. When doing your daily skin care routine, don’t forget to moisturise your lips before going to bed. They need to be properly hydrated to keep them looking supple, radiant and lush during the day.


7. Practice mouth stretches

No, you don’t have to be on Broadway to be dramatic. Channel your inner diva for an amazing skin by practising an exaggerated A-E-I-O-U. This helps improve circulation and brightens your skin tone. Try it right now!


8. Drink 👏 water 👏

That’s the final trick to fantastic skin. Need we say more about this? Water is the first and foremost skin hydrant you need to get it looking lush and supple. It also increases your skin elasticity, fights out daily toxins and brightens your complexion. This is the right amount of water you should drink daily.

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