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Eight Insane Reasons Why You Keep Getting Breakouts

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Breaking out all over your face and not knowing why sucks. It’s even worse when you use skincare products consistently, even those recommended by your dermatologist. The reasons for your breakouts could be right under your nose.


You may have tried homemade remedies and treatments as well, all to no avail. So, where could you have gone wrong? What causes these ever-so-annoying breakouts anyway?


The major causes are your hormones and excess oil production. When your skin produces so much oil, it clogs your hair follicle. This leads to the growth of zit-causing bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes. However, genes also play a huge part in acne-stimulating hormones.


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Eight insane reasons you keep breaking out

There are still some insane reasons why your acne could have something against you. Clearly, it’s not rocket science or some voodoo from your parent’s village. It’s just something you haven’t thought about. Sometimes the solution is as simple as a thorough cleansing ritual — of your face, not your parent’s village. You just need to know those little things that you do habitually that causes your breakouts. Then, voila! You’d be breakout free, or at least you’d get the control you need. Whichever comes first, there’d be positive results.


Find out the eight insane reasons you keep having breakouts on your face.


1. Your partner

No, we don’t mean your partner has some infectious disease so don’t go breaking up with them. His beards could be the cause of your breakouts. Certainly, he looks hot and so macho with it, but your face rubbing against coarse hair could stimulate your skin’s oil production. And an increase in oil is an increase in breakouts. So, if he loves you and your face, you can tell him to shave his beards or limit the rate at which his beards touch your face.


2. The solution could be the problem

You may be using the wrong spot remover, and that could be giving you spots. We are all guilty of shopping for skin products without actually checking the ingredients. Products that have salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulphur have a tendency of drying out your skin. When overused, it causes your skin to produce more oil, which causes even more zits. How insane is that? Anything could cause your pimples, from stress to genes. All you need to do when it pops up is to assess the situation first and find out what the cause could be before attacking it with products. The odds are, it would disappear within two days. So, take a chill pill.


3. Facial scrub disaster

The odds are that you are scrubbing way too often are high. You need to limit your exfoliating routine to once in two weeks to give your skin breathing space. Whatever you use (washcloth, loofahs, cleansing brushes or face scrubs), moderate it. You want to keep bacteria out, not open your pores up for them to come in.


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4. Stress

Honestly, stress could be the cause of your problem as it triggers acne. You’ll notice you break out more often when you are under pressure. In such situations, stress hormones are produced, including cortisol. This stimulates your oil glands to make testosterone that increases your oil production. Find out the best way to manage your stress.


5. Hat Attack

The goal is to keep bacteria from your skin the best way you can. Therefore, using items like scarves, hats or a headband that trap sweat and bacteria is a wrong move. If your skin is prone to breakouts, avoid using them often. If you do, opt for one that’s loose and wear in dry conditions (not when you’re sweating).


6. Your hair products could be the cause

Yes, you read that right? Even if you’re wondering what relationship your hair has with your face, you’re probably also thinking about the hair product you use. Your hair products contain breakout-causing ingredients like sulphate, heavy moisturising agents and silicons. They can clog your pores in your neck, chest, back, face and along your hairline by seeping into them. The result is as you know it, pimples! Therefore, when you’re washing or styling your hair, try to keep it away from your skin (chest, back and face). You can rinse by bending your hair over to avoid this.


7. Watch your diet!

What are the odds that your healthy food could be unhealthy to your skin? It’s amazing that tomatoes and peppers, two common ingredients in spicy foods, contain acidic lycopene. This is an irritant to your skin as it throws off the skin’s pH levels and triggers breakouts around the mouth. Other food items that some people react to are dairy and gluten. You should see a gastroenterologist to determine what foods you’re reacting to.


8. Watch out for the detergents

This is one insane reason that’s easily ignored. Your skin could be very sensitive to the detergent you use for your clothes. Solving this problem is as easy as doing your research on what’s okay to use. Your dermatologist is there for a reason, to help you get the perfect skin. Everything you wash (clothes, bed sheet, pillowcase and so on) is bound to touch you one way or the other. Hence, you will have breakouts in other places besides your face as well. Get a fragrance-free, dye-free and dermatologist-tested detergent.

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