7th June: Find Out What Happened On This Day In History
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7th June: Find Out What Happened On This Day In History

7th June is the 158th day of the year (159th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 207 days remain until the end of the year. Find out some of the important events that occurred on this day in history.


Historical events

555 — Vigilius ends his reign as Catholic Pope.

1099 — The first Crusaders arrive in Jerusalem.

1340 — Rotterdam Netherlands founded.

1761 — Why an American Bought London Bridge An iconic piece of Olde England was just what an American oil tycoon wanted for his new township in the Arizona desert. Did he get what he was after?

1692 — Earthquake in Porte Royale, Jamaica, kills 3,000.

1780 — Anti-Catholic riot in London, hundreds die.

1788 — French peasants stone the Army in Grenoble, an event known as the Day of the Tiles.

1798 — Jews of Pesaro Italy fast commemorating the murder of Jews.

1798 — Thomas Malthus publishes the first edition of his influential ‘Essay on the Principle of Population’ (date of the unsigned preface).

1800 — David Thompson reaches the mouth of the Saskatchewan River in Manitoba.

1832 — Asian cholera reaches Quebec, brought by Irish immigrants, and kills about 6,000 people in Lower Canada.

1839 — Hawaiian Declaration of Rights signed.

1860 — Workmen start laying track for Market Street Railroad, San Francisco.

1862 — General B. Butler orders William Mumford hanged after he removed and destroyed US flag on display over New Orleans Mint.

1862 — The United States and Britain agree to suppress the slave trade.

1864 — Abraham Lincoln renominated for US President by the Republican Party.

1887 — Monotype type-casting machine patented by Tolbert Lanston, Washington, DC.


7th June in the 20th Century

1912 — The US army tests the first machine gun mounted on a plane.

1930 — NY Times agrees to capitalise the n in “Negro”.

1933 — George Balanchine and Kurt Weills’ ballet chanté “7 Deadly Sins” premieres in Paris.

1937 — Time magazine publishes the second of the only two known photos taken of the United States Supreme Court in session.

1939 — George VI and Elizabeth become the first king and queen of Britain to visit the USA.

1953 — First colour network telecast in compatible colour (Boston Massachusetts).

1963 — The first Rolling Stones TV appearance (Thank Your Lucky Stars) and release 1st single, “Come on”.

1965 — Morocco King Hassan suspends the constitution, grabs power.

1965 — Sony Corp introduced its home video tape recorder, priced at $995.

1965 — The Supreme Court of the United States decides on Griswold v. Connecticut, effectively legalizing the use of contraception by married couples.

1971 — Soviet Soyuz 11 crew completes 1st transfer to orbiting Salyut space station.

1975 — Sony introduces the Betamax videocassette recorder for sale to the public.

1977 — Anita Bryant leads a successful crusade against Miami gay rights law.

1977 — During the Queen’s Jubilee, the S*x Pistols attempt to perform on a boat on the River Thames but are forced to stop by the police.

1986 — Madonna’s single “Live to Tell” goes #1.

1987 — 41st Tony Awards: Fences & Les Miserables win.

1989 — 23-year-old Olympic barefoot South African runner Zola Budd retires.

1989 — For one second this morning, the time is 01:23:45, 6-7-89.

1990 — Michael Jackson hospitalised for chest pains.

1993 — Singer Prince celebrates his birthday by changing his name to a symbol.


7th June in the 21st Century

2001 — BP announces that it will build a new $600-million platform offshore Trinidad that is expected to double the company’s production of natural gas there by 2004.

2012 — 16th Century archaeology remains of the Curtain Theatre, where some of Shakespeare’s plays first performed found under a pub in London.

2016 — “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, a play written by Jack Thorne with JK Rowling, premieres in London.

2016 — Car bomb attack on a police bus in central Istanbul kills 11.

2017 — Police warn bald men against attacks in Mozambique after 5 men murdered for the gold believed in their heads.

2017 — Earliest-ever evidence of Homo Sapiens from Jebel Irhoud, Morocco unearthed by archaeologists published in “Nature”, at 300,000 years old.

2018 — Mars Curiosity Rover finds organic matter, including methane, on Mars in studies published in the journal “Science”.

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