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Living With Your Partner: Seven Things No One Tells You

Every relationship has its stages. There’s typically the initial attraction, the talking stage, the official dating, engagement, and then marriage. But somewhere in between these stages, a couple might decide to move in together. Living with your partner before marriage is a big decision to make and rom-coms make it look so cute and happy. But here are a few things you might need to consider.


1. You have to talk about money

A lot of people are uncomfortable talking about money. But once you start living with your partner, you will need to have the money talk A LOT. You both have to pay rent, bills, buy food, make repairs, and all the other costs that come with living in a house. One person cannot carry all the financial load when you are cohabiting. Are you ready for that?


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2. You have to split chores

While cohabiting, you will also have to split the chores. You can’t leave your house to go to sh*t and no one person can or should do all the work alone. As a couple, you both have to figure out how to divide the domestic work between the two of you. Leave no room for “I thought you were going to do it”. Everyone has to do their chores.


3. Your intimacy patterns change

When you start cohabiting, the way you express your love towards each other starts to shift. Assuming you both work full-time jobs, you probably would only see each other during the weekends or a few times a week. You’d miss each other and get caught up in the romance. But once you get used to seeing someone every day, things calm down significantly. But that isn’t always a bad thing. You both just have to grow together.




4. You will fight

As long as you’re living with your partner, conflict is inevitable. It may not be a full-blown fight, but you will definitely disagree on one thing or another. And the fact that you are emotionally attached to this person might increase the intensity of the fight. But as long as you both communicate well and resolve conflicts healthily, you’re good to go. Plus, makeup s*x is FIRE!


5. You get less time to yourself

Once you start cohabiting, you have to get used to seeing them AAALLLLL the time. No matter how much you adore them, it can get quite annoying. You barely get any time to yourself. You don’t even get to reply them later because they live where you live. Are you ready for that?




6. You find out that your lover has annoying quirks

When you start living with your partner, all the filters come off. They stop being the s*xy boo in the cute sweatpants and start being the ode that keeps leaving dirty cups around the house. You find out that the love of your life gets up to pee five times a night and talks in their sleep. Whatever it is, you will definitely find something they do annoying.


7. You have to be more accountable

You have to get used to the fact that you don’t live by yourself or with a less concerned party anymore. If you cohabit with someone that loves you, you can’t come home or sleep out of the house whenever you want anymore. You at least have to call or text. Accept that you do not exist as a single unit anymore.


If you are willing to deal with this, then go right ahead. But if you’re even a little bit apprehensive, then take some more time to think about it.


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