You are currently viewing Seven Gmail tips and tricks to get more done in less time
Seven Gmail tips and tricks to get more done in less time

Seven Gmail tips and tricks to get more done in less time

With more than 1.8 billion Gmail users in the world, the service is the most used emailing platform and not many people are using it to its full potential. Here are seven tips and tricks that you can use to get more done on Gmail in lesser time:

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  1. Find emails quickly: Sometimes, you want to find an email and have no idea who the sender is or any other detail. You can use the Search bar to find it with something as obscure as a phrase used in the email.
  2. Choose a theme: While not many users care about aesthetics when it comes to emailing, you can choose the kind of theme that you prefer from the Settings section and enjoy a new emailing experience.
  3. Check categories: Your emails are actually split into categories by default and you can find missing emails in Promotions or Socials category.
  4. Manage emails without opening them: Using the right-click option on your PC, you can move, archive, mute, filter, or open in a new window straight from there. On mobile, you can even reply from the pop-up notification.
  5. Label emails: You can better organise emails by adding labels to them by right clicking, choosing Labels and either selecting existing ones or creating a new one.
  6. Manage attachments without opening the email: You can see an attachment at the bottom of the email, download it, print it, and do more without opening the email.
  7. Check emails from all accounts: If you manage multiple accounts, you can access them from one device by adding them, see how here.

These tips and tricks are quite common than you think but sometimes, even the most Gmail-savvy of us forget to take advantage of them.

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