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6 YouTube Features You May Not Know About

There are so many features you are probably not using on YouTube. It would be tragic to be underutilising all the amazing functions of this app. It goes beyond just searching for videos and watching music videos or funny cats.

YouTube gets more than 2 billion logged-in visitors every month. It is easily the biggest online video site in the world and it does way more than just play videos. It has way more features that have made it unique over the years.

YouTube Music recently launched a new feature called smart downloads. This is where users can download up to 500 songs offline consumption. This feature had been made available to YouTube Music Premium users for a while now.

YouTube automatically chooses these songs based on the songs the user mostly listens to. You can also choose to take control of all the songs YouTube downloads on to your account. The music will download automatically overnight when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Here are five other features you may not know YouTube has:

GIF Making

GIF Feature

Did you know that you can make a GIF from a video that you are watching on YouTube? Get some clout and become a social media celebrity by following these few steps.

While watching a video and you see a clip that will make a great GIF, just type GIF before the YouTube in the URL of the video. That will make the URL look something like….

It will then change the format of the URL upon given this prompting. You will now be redirected to Here, you will be able to select the start and end times of the clip from the video.

Now click the green check mark located on the left of the screen so that you can watch it play.

There is an array of options to choose from here to help edit, crop, or add stickers to the GIF.

Once you are satisfied, select create GIF and choose who can see the image by adding tags and titles.

You can now click next to copy the link for the GIF that can be shared on social media. The GIF can also be downloaded and uploaded directly to say, Twitter.

Fast-Forward & Rewind Shortcut

Fast-Forward & Rewind Shortcut

You can fast forward a video on YouTube without navigating on the screen. You can simply use shortcut keys on your keyboard like the J and L keys to rewind or fast-forward for 10 seconds. This would be if you are using a desktop. However, if you are using a phone, you can double-tap the screen to move forward or backward. You can also swipe right or left to move on to the next video or go to the previous video.

There is a full list of keyboard shortcuts on the three dots at the top right corner. Just click on it and select keyboard shortcuts to see more options.

TV Mode Feature

YouTube TV

You can get a larger viewing screen without going into full-screen mode. It works best for when you are watching YouTube videos on a smart TV. You can go to to enter your Google login information.

You will then need to verify your account information with an onscreen code. The quality of the videos watched from the app will then automatically change to HD giving the user the best viewing experience.

Turn Caption On

YouTube Caption

Bet you did not know you can turn on caption on YouTube videos. This works great when you are in a quiet place where you cannot have your audio on and you have no headphones. Also, if you are watching a video where the speaker is heavily accented, you can turn the caption on.

You can do this by simply clicking the CC icon below the video (yes, that what its used for). Peradventure, the person is also speaking a different language, you can use the built-in Google Translate tool. Just go to the settings icon (the one that looks like gear) and select subtitles. Then click Auto-translate and then choose the preferred language.

Dark Mode

YouTube Dark Theme

This has got to be one of the most popular features rolled out this year. So much so that the new iOS13 has it as one of the latest introductions. This is a great adjustment feature for night time viewing. The dark theme makes the light on the screen less harsh.

To activate it on the app, go to settings and slide the switch over toggle. Meanwhile, on the desktop version, click on the three stacked dots on the top right and select ‘Dark Theme’.

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