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5G Technology Reaches Cows

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5G technology is yet to reach the larger percent of humans in the world but it is already extending its reach to cows.

There is an application that has recently been developed that allows users to select their own cows and receive daily updates via 5G sensors on the farm.

Apparently, somebody thought nerds and bovine enthusiasts need to be granted insight into the daily lives of cows, so they built this app to connect cattle to 5G.

The Me + Moo app is made for smartphone users. A group called the 5G Rural First thought this was a great idea to help people monitor their cow’s eating and sleeping habits.

5G Rural First, the group behind the project, said users can milk the benefits of 5G connectivity to gain updates on everything from how the cows are eating to their sleeping habits. The app will give each cow its own profile just like on dating apps, it will also show the cow’s name and give insight into its personality.

This is like a virtual herd game but with real cows and it seems people would be making friends based on this app.

The app is supposedly an effort to enhance the potential of 5G in rural locations. The group insists this comes in handy to monitor the health and milk production of the cows. The development just shows the relevance of 5G technology to even basic things.

When the 5G technology finally reaches us in this part of the world, it looks like it would solve more problems.

Maybe help in devising a way to deal with the herdsmen crisis, perhaps?


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