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Five Ways To Get Rid Of Dry, Flaky Skin

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It’s easy to hide your flaky skin under outfits and pretend like all is well and dandy. There are lots of fashion hacks to that effect, so why not? But covering up can’t be your go-to solution forever. There are several permanent solutions to dry flaky skin that would enable you to flaunt that skin effortlessly.


There are several reasons why your skin flakes and peels. It could be your natural skin type, the weather or a reaction to something you’re using. This is why you need to ensure you treat your skin with tender loving care all the time. You lose over a hundred pounds of skin during your lifetime, so why encourage more skin losses?


Honestly, your skin can actually glow and be smooth. The secret is just five simple steps away. With these tips applied perfectly, you’ll be able to look at your natural self in the mirror again pleasurably. There’s nothing like a good skin to kick off a good day.


“Flaky or peeling skin is the result of unintended damage to the surface of your skin that causes the loss of its upper layer. Healthy skin should have 10-20% of water content. Flaky skin occurs when the natural oils produced by your skin begins to dry up and causes it to dehydrate in the process. This results in dry skin losing water 75 times more than normal skin, thereby causing the outermost layer of your skin to flake and peel away.”
– Shaheen Naser


You have to ensure you don’t fall into the temptation to pick the flaky skin with your finger or tweezers. Doing this can encourage skin infection.

Get rid of dry, flaky skin

Five ways to get rid of dry, flaky skin

Now let’s help you get that fantastic day started with our five ways to get rid of dry flaky skin.


1. Exfoliate weekly

You should exfoliate once a week and not every day. When you over exfoliate, you encourage even more peeling of the skin. That can increase your skin irritation. However, exfoliating once to three times a week is just fine. It helps you to rid your skin of dead skin cells that cause it to flake. It also helps give your skin a brighter, natural glow.



Sonia Batra MD, board-certified dermatologist and co-host of The Doctors TV show, says:

“Physical exfoliators, such as gentle scrubs, can help rid the skin of dead cells that can cause flakes. Chemical exfoliators, such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids, help promote cell turnover and decrease peeling.”


2. Hydrate your skin with a moisturiser and facial spray

This is especially necessary if you’re certain you have a dry skin type. Moisturising helps give your skin a soft and supple feel. It’s essential you hydrate your skin after exfoliating it.


Dr Batra explains:

“Once you’ve removed the top layer of dead skin cells, apply moisturiser to create a barrier between your newly exposed skin and the elements.”


She also recommends that you use protects with properties that help moisturise and heal dry skin. She adds:

“Petroleum jelly and coconut oil are also good options for treating flaky skin. Coconut oil’s emollient properties help fill the spaces between skin cells, creating a smooth surface, while petroleum jelly creates a protective layer above the skin to help trap moisture and heal dry skin.”

You can also use a facial spray to hydrate your skin whenever it feels dry.


3. Change your shower routine

Get rid of dry, flaky skin with showers

It can get really tempting to jump in a hot shower when the weather is cold. Of course, you don’t want to freeze up, but you also don’t want to escalate your flaky skin problem. This is why you need to have a warm shower instead of a hot shower. The latter escalates your peeling skin condition according to Dr Batra. “It causes the skin to dry out and become flaky.”


4. Use a humidifier

Get rid of dry, flaky skin with a humidifier

We’ve seen this a lot in films, at hospitals, and even flaunted on social media. What you don’t get is how effective it is in combating flaky skin. If you are always in an air-conditioned room, then your skin moisture is constantly depleted. Revive it by using a humidifier whenever your skin feels too dry.


5. Rule out other causes

Get rid of dry, flaky skin


Your flaky skin could be a result of something more than dry skin or the weather. If none of the above solutions works for you within a day or two, book an appointment with your dermatologist. Also, you can try other home remedies for battling skin conditions. Dr Batra says:

“Chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can cause the skin to peel. So check with a doctor to determine if the flaky skin can be treated with medication.”

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