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5 ways to find the best location for your router

Using a router in your office or at home is a much better way to get the best internet experience as a team or family. However, the router location can determine your experience, and many people ignore this aspect of installation.

Here, see five tips on how to best position your router to get the most out of it.

5 ways to find the best location for your router

1. Select a central location

Routers send signals out in all directions: imagine the signal coming out in circular waves. Thus, if your router is in the corner of your house, most signals are sent outside your home. You should find a central position in your home or office.

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2. Elevate the position

While the signals go out in circular waves, they also spread downwards. So, a good position will be central and high. This way, it is easier to avoid foot traffic disruptions of connection.

3. Avoid other obstructions

Ensure your router is not close to other electronics or large metal objects. Microwaves are notorious for disrupting router connectivity, and walls can also block transmission.

4. Point antennas correctly

For routers with antennas, you must point them correctly. One tip is to not point both of them in the same direction; instead, point them in directly opposite directions. This gives the internet router more range.

5. Map the signal

If your router is not still giving you the best reception, you may need to map the signal. This exercise allows you to tell where there are issues in signal coverage in your home or office. You can download free apps to map your router signal.

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