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5 Tech Companies Whose Employees Protested Against Them In 2019

Employees working in tech companies are always seen as living the dream life. Many people view going to work dressed casually and having many out of office duties as fun. And in some way, it is the dream life. When techies are hired, their employers make some promises but sometimes over time, the running becomes less smooth. Read on to find out five tech companies that were accused by their employees in 2019. The accusations majorly hinge on poor treatments but some are on controversial policies.


1. Google

In 2018, the search engine giants witnessed a massive walk-out when employees around the world came together in protest. S*xual harassment was the bone of contention. Google was accused of not taking cases of reported harassment seriously. Women who were the major victims of this barbarity accused the firm of looking the other way. Also, in 2019, some workers reported that they lost their jobs because of holding unpopular political views. However, in response, the company only reminded their workers of their freedom rights but never admitted to doing wrong.


2. Facebook

The brainchild of tech celebrity, Mark Zuckerberg, was also under scrutiny by its workers recently. Employees at Facebook protested the CEO’s decision to allow politicians to post false information for advertisement. Mark had said that fact-checking posts is not the companies duty. But the workers complain that this will mean all their efforts are just weapons for politicians. They sent a letter to this effect to Facebook top leaders in October 2019.


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3. Microsoft

Many working for philanthropist Bill Gates’ Microsoft protested its working with the Immigration agency. In the United States, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants to buy tech from GitHub. Because of how this will affect the lives of immigrants in the country, GitHub workers initially complained. Employees at Microsoft, which owns GitHub, also joined the protest in solidarity.


4. Amazon

Workers in Amazon’s warehouse went on strike in July 2019 to reject the grueling working conditions. They complained about the long hours of work. Also, the company was accused of firing workers who couldn’t keep up. It also came to light that workers were not allowed to form unions in the company. Amazon released a statement saying the workers gave the press the wrong information. Also, they provided them good pay and safe workspace which should be enough.


5. Huawei

A letter from a member of the tech companies Human Resources unit initiated the protest. He accused the company of subjecting employees to long hours of work. Also, he accused Huawei of lying about how long workers have to work.  Donald Trump had banned the Chinese company in July 2019. Employees bore the brunt of the deadline and had to work longer.


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