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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Settle When It Comes To Love

All singles at some point get to a place where they’re tired of being alone and just settle for someone that likes them enough. You begin to think “maybe my standards are too high” or “my dreams and wants in relationship is unrealistic.”


So you subconsciously lower your standards because you want someone, anyone at this point, in your life.


Also, there’s this pressure that singles face both implied and vocal. A friend is getting married and you’re part of the wedding entourage. Everyone is all “boo’ed” up and you’re suddenly aware of how acutely single you’re. You may sometimes get the snide comments of “when will you marry?” and somehow, you begin to feel the pressure build on your shoulders.


You deserve someone that would go to ends of the Earth with you, that wants you, and only you.

While they’re lots of reasons why people settle, the dangers therein are even more devastating. Marriages are for the long haul so you’ll need way more than just likeness or a lukewarm fondness to keep going through the rough patches that’ll definitely come.


Here are five astute reasons why you should never settle.

It’s a decision made out a fear

If you settle, it means you do not trust that good things are in your future. You’re afraid of being alone, that this is the end of the road for you and you’ll never find something better. Sometimes, it’s fear that you’re not worthy enough to attract what you actually desire. So, are you going to allow fear to rule your life and guide such a life-impacting decision?

You’d wake up on day and discover something is missing

There’s no spark, no passion and the relationship is spiceless. Then, you’d be hit with a yearning for more but you’re already stuck in a loveless relationship/marriage. You’ve to be ready to deal with that for the rest of your life.

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If you’ve already settled, you won’t be available when your better half comes

The one special person for you is somewhere out there waiting to meet you.  Do yourself the favor of making sure you are. Don’t settle for a lukewarm relationship when you can have so much more.

You deserve love!

You see, you deserve love. Love that sweeps you off your feet, that sets you skin burning and your heart thumping with just one look, one touch. You deserve someone that would go to ends of the Earth with you, that wants you, and only you. Someone that you feel exactly the same for. The possibilities your future holds are endless. Don’t blanket it in pessimism and make a decision you might regret much later in life.


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