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Five truths about Donald Trump’s Truth Social app

After being kicked off Twitter and Facebook in 2021, former US President Donald Trump has launched his social media platform called Truth Social, and I collected these 5 facts about it.

Launched on 20 February 2022, Truth Social has made buzz ever since Trump announced its conception. The platform is supposed to be what Facebook and Twitter failed to be. Before this app, Parler had tried in 2021 to build on the unsatisfied clients from the major social media platforms, but it failed. Likely, Trump, who had been an early supporter of Parler, has learned valuable lessons.

Now, let’s look at some important facts about Truth Social:

1. It is not so hot

At launch, Truth Social had topped the week’s most downloaded free app on the Apple Store chart. However, it took only a couple of weeks for it to find itself outside the top 100. The app currently has 412,000 downloads.

2. Trump is the king

Despite having a combined 120 million followers on Facebook and Twitter, Donald Trump only has 195,000 followers on Truth Social. It appears that his large fan base has not followed him to his own social media forum yet.

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3. Is Truth Social just for conservatives?

No! While US conservatives may be the most willing to download the software, it does not screen out people who are not. It is not surprising that conservatives will be the most popular on the app because they felt hard done by the likes of Facebook and Twitter in 2021. It is important to note that both companies have repeatedly denied doing anything wrong and claim to be only enforcing their platform’s principles.

4. Can you say anything on Truth Social?

Again, no. This is surprising because Trump’s main issue with social media companies was the fact that he was not allowed to say just about anything and get away with it. For example, Truth Social frowns on users tricking, defrauding, or misleading others and false reports of abuse. Also, impersonation is not allowed, nor is explicit content.

5. Does Truth Social have more freedom than Facebook and Twitter?

It does not seem that there is necessarily more freedom to do as you please on Truth Social, a sentiment that other social media platforms share. In fact, a CNET article says that the platform is more strict than Twitter.

I will have to keep testing the new app and sharing what I love and don’t  with you. If you have registered on the platform (it is only available in the US), you can let me know what you think about it as well.

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