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See 5 biggest changes coming to Call of Duty Season 3

Call of Duty: Warzone enters Season 3 with several changes, of which I have collated the five biggest ones that affect gameplay and how you enjoy the action game.

– New map features

In COD Season 3, players will see features like Hold, which is a new Gulag inside a ship and contains a new layout to learn about during in-game combat. Also, there’s now a Dig Site between Mine and Ruin areas where you can find Supply Boxes and other items. It also provides cover from gunfire if you know how to move well between bones and tents. Some existing locations like Peak, Runway, and Lagoon also have new features.

– New mode

There will be a new mode called Caldera Iron Trails, which is basically the battle royale mode with no free Loadout Drops and features select vehicles, higher Buy Station prices, higher health and more. The new model will only bring adjustments to the already familiar all or nothing aspect.

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– Sniper damage range

To reduce the effectiveness of snipers and give other players a chance to play at all, Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 has changed the range at which sniper rifles can kill characters with one headshot. Here is a screenshot of the changes as they appeared on FTW:

See 5 biggest changes coming to Call of Duty Season 3 Sniper

– High-value loot zone

Unlike the previous Cash Drops event zones, COD will now have a High Value Loot Zone that works with the same concept. You can find rare loot in the new zone as well as the regular Rebirth Supply Boxes. Also, participating in it will give you the chance to increase your kill count.

– New weapons

The creators are very careful when introducing weapons to avoid ruining the game, so players will be excited to find that Season 3 is coming with two brand new rifles: M1916: Marksman Rifle (VG) and Nikita AVT: Assault Rifle (VG). The first is semi-automatic with good power and a fast fire rate, while the second is a powerful AR with deadly mid-range capabilities.

In addition to changes and new features, COD: Warzone Season 3 brings bug fixes as well.

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