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487 Million WhatsApp Phone Numbers Leak On Dark Web

There have been reports going round that about 487 million WhatsApp numbers leak on the dark web. The bad actor is looking to sell these digits to anyone who meets their demand.

With WhatsApp daily active users being about 2 billion, it means that at least a quarter of users’ numbers have been leaked. While your WhatsApp number leaking is not enough for for your account to be hacked, it opens you up to phishing threats and more.

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You can 5 practical steps to take when your personal data leaks online but you should take the following precautions to stay safe incase your WhatsApp number is part of the leak:

1. Don’t save new contacts until you have established that you know the person, if not, report the number as scam and block it.

2. Don’t give out any personal info or sensitive details (like your banking information) on WhatsApp even if the contact appears to work with a reputable company or your financial institution. The same should apply to calls as well.

3. Don’t take random quizzes online that require you to answer some seemingly harmless questions, unless it is from a trustworthy website.

4. Stay vigilant and double check where links are being shared from before you click on them when they appear in your messages.

5. Setup extra security measures for your accounts like two-step verification, and you can also change your number.

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