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Four things you can do on your Android lock screen that you are missing out on

Your Android phone lock screen is very useful, and you have likely been missing out on these four unique functionalities and features.

Have you ever wondered why your Android phone has such a sleek lock screen? Your device could just lock and unlock without a lock screen, so there must be a reason (or four) for it to have one. See what you can do with this tool starting from right now:

Enable lock screen notifications

Notifications can show you if you need to unlock your device and quickly respond to something or check out an update. Also, it can let you know that the alert sound you just heard is something you can attend to later. In addition, you can choose if you want to show notifications at all. Here is how:

– Go to Settings (either by swiping down and tapping the gear symbol at the top right or navigating to the app)

– Find and open Notifications and scroll down to Notifications on the lock screen

– From here, you can opt to show conversations, hide silent conversations and notifications, or don’t show any notifications at all

– You also toggle the Sensitive notifications option on or off – this hides the notification itself and only shows that there is a new item in the app.

Screen app notifications that appear on your lock screen

You can select which app notifications you see on your lock screen and which ones can wait for you to unlock your Android phone.

– From Settings, go to Notifications

– Then, open App settings, and you can see a list of apps (in alphabetic order or most recently used) that you can toggle on and off to show or not show up on your lock screen.

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Show personal information on your Android lock screen

Get personalised notifications like flight reservations, to-do, reminders, and more on your lock screen.

– From Settings, go to Apps > Assistant > See all Assistant Settings > Personal results 

– You can also access this function by opening Assistant, tapping on your profile icon, opening the Lock screen, and toggling Personal results on

Use Google Assistant on lock screen

A lot of Android users have not fully unleashed the power of Google Assistant, and here is an opportunity for you to start using it more fully: by allowing it to work on your device lock screen.

– Go to Settings > Apps > Assistant > See all Assistant Settings and select Lock screen

– Next, toggle on Assistant responses

– You can also access this function by opening Assistant, tapping on your profile icon, and opening the Lock screen (ensure that it is toggled on).

Remember that while some of the setting instructions in this article might differ depending on the Android version you are running, you can still find them easily by comparing settings names. You can ask me for help in the comment section, and I will provide further assistance.

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