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28th May: Find Out What Happened On This Day In History

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28th May is the 148th day of the year (149th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 217 days remain until the end of the year. Today also marks Menstrual Hygiene Day. Find out some important events that occurred on this day, 28th May, in history.


Historical events

585 BC — Solar eclipse, as predicted by Greek philosopher Thales, while Lydians at war with the Medes leads to a truce. One of the cardinal dates from which other dates calculated.

1431 — Joan of Arc is accused of relapsing into heresy by donning male clothing again, providing justification for her execution.

1521 — Pope Leo X signs treaty with Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

1664 — The first Baptist Church organises.

1731 — All Hebrew books in Papal State are confiscated.

1742 — The first indoor swimming pool opens (Goodman’s Fields, London).

1818 — The first steam vessel to sail Great Lakes launches.

1889 — Édouard and André Michelin incorporate the Michelin tyre company.

1892 — Sierra Club formed by environmental philosopher John Muir and others in San Francisco, for the conservation of nature.

1900 — Total solar eclipse occurs.


28th May in the 20th Century

1919 — Armenia declares its Independence.

1923 — US Attorney General says it is legal for women to wear trousers anywhere.

1928 — Dodge Brothers Inc and Chrysler Corporation merge.

1929 — The first all colour talking picture “On With the Show” exhibited (NYC).

1934 — Near Callander, Ontario, the Dionne quintuplets are born to Olivia and Elzire Dionne, later becoming the first quintuplets to survive infancy.

1936 — Alan Turing submits “On Computable Numbers” for publication, in which he set out the theoretical basis for modern computers.

1937 — Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

1952 — Memphis Kiddie Park opens in Brooklyn, Ohio. The park’s Little Dipper roller coaster would become the oldest operating steel roller coaster in North America.

1952 — The women of Greece are given the right to vote.

1953 — Premier of the first animated 3-D cartoon in technicolour: “Melody”.

1956 — Eisenhower signs farm bill allows the government to store agricultural surplus.

1959 — Johnson and Bart’s musical “Lock up your daughters” premieres in London.

1959 — Monkeys Able and Baker zoom 300 miles (500 km) into space on Jupiter missile, become the first animals retrieved from a space mission.

1961 — Last trip (Paris to Bucharest) on the Orient Express (after 78 years).

1964 — Unmanned Apollo 2 Saturn test launched into Earth orbit.

1971 — USSR Mars 3 launches. It is the first spacecraft to soft land on Mars.


More 28th May dates

1972 — Four Provisional Irish Republican Army volunteers and four civilians killed when a bomb they were preparing exploded prematurely at a house in Belfast.

1974 — 26th Emmy Awards: M*A*S*H, Alan Alda and Mary Tyler Moore win the first Daytime Award presentation.

1975 — Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) established by the Treaty of Lagos.

1976 — 29th Cannes Film Festival: “Taxi Driver” directed by Martin Scorsese wins the Palme d’Or.

1979 — European Market accepts Greece as a member.

1979 — ABC premiere of TV’s “The House on Garibaldi Street”, based on the 1960 capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.

1982 — Pope John Paul II is the first reigning pope to visit Great Britain (Adrian IV was born in England, as Nicholas Breakspear).

1984 — Investor and political activist George Soros founds the Soros Foundation Budapest to help countries free themselves from communism.

1987 — Monitor, a Civil War warship, discovered by a deep sea robot.

1991 — Ethiopian rebels seize Addis Ababa.

1991 — “Forever My Lady” debut studio album by Jodeci is released (Billboard Album of the Year 1992).

1993 — 200,000 demonstrate against mafia terror.

1995 — Earthquake hits Russian town of Khabarovsk, killing 2,000 people.

1995 — 48th Cannes Film Festival: “Underground” directed by Emir Kusturica wins the Palme d’Or.

1996 — 42nd US President Bill Clinton’s former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, James McDougal and Susan McDougal, and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker are convicted of fraud.

1999 — In Milan, Italy, after 22 years of restoration work, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece “The Last Supper” put back on display.

1999 — Two Swedish police officers murdered with their own firearms by the bank robbers Jackie Arklöv and Tony Olsson after a dramatic car chase.



28th May in the 21st Century

2006 — 59th Cannes Film Festival: “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” directed by Ken Loach wins the Palme d’Or.

2010 — “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” single released by Alicia Keys (Billboard Song of the Year 2010).

2011 — 19th UEFA Champions League Final: Barcelona beats Manchester United 3-1 at London.

2014 — Abdel Fattah el-Sisi elected President of Egypt.

2016 — Harambe, a gorilla from Cincinnati Zoo, shot after dragging a three-year-old boy who had slipped into its enclosure.

2017 — 70th Cannes Film Festival: Swedish film “The Square” directed by Ruben Ostlund wins the Palme d’Or.

2017 — Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka kill at least 151.

2018 — Coco-Cola launches its first alcoholic drink – Lemon-Do on the island of Kyushu, Japan.

2018 — One million French smokers quit in one year after anti-smoking measures introduced according to Public Health France.

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