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27yr Old Man, Mao Sheng Can’t Find a Job Because He Looks Like a Kid

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After lamenting that he can’t get work because he looks like a child, 27-year-old Mao Sheng has gained the attention of the public.

27yr Old Man, Mao Sheng Can’t Find a Job Because He Looks Like a Kid
27yr old Mao Sheng

Mao Sheng who hails from Guangdong province, China released a video, detailing the struggles He has been facing

He lamented in the video that his appearance is causing him a lot of problems in his life.

He claimed that many employers don’t trust him when he claims to be a certain age,

and others worry that his looks would draw attention from the authorities,

who might start looking into the situation if they suspect that child labor regulations are being broken.

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In the original video, which was shot on a street in Dongguan, China, he expresses his annoyance at not being able to provide for his father financially because he is unemployed.

He even said that although he had first gone job hunting with a friend, who had immediately secured employment, he had received no offers.

His video went viral right after, and it seems that several potential companies are now interested in hiring him.
According to Oddity Central, a subsequent video showed Mao Sheng taking one of the jobs.
Now that is the power of social media, we are glad Mao Sheng now has a job.
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