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240W fast charging coming to smartphones, can fill battery in 9 minutes

The latest news in the smartphone industry is that 240W fast-charging capability is finally coming, and it will be able to fill 4,500mAh batteries in nine minutes. Even for most smartphones using 5,000mAh batteries, the solution will need about 15 minutes to juice it up.

This is not the first time a 240W charging solution has been floated. At the beginning of the year, Oppo teased it at MWC and tagged it under its SuperVooc charging brand. Also, we have seen mention of 150W fast charging speeds, courtesy of Xiaomi.

Oppo says it is in the trial stages of the charging solution, and it will be using a 24V and 10A charger to supply the power.

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While there were rumours that the company’s next smartphone will bring this technology, there are sources that say that the Vivo iQOO 10 Pro will launch with 200W capabilities instead (this charges 4,500mAh batteries from 0 to 100 in 12 minutes). 

Likely, we will have to wait a bit longer to be able to see the 240W chargers in action. And for those who are concerned about the effect it would have on battery life, the company is calling on its reputation as an assurance. 

In a statement, it said about the upcoming charging solution, “Since the introduction of Oppo SuperVooc in 2014, the company has been one of the leaders in fast charging technology. As of December 2021, over 220 million users worldwide have used the efficient, safe and fast charging that Oppo offers.”

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