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2022 Accelerate Business Growth Workshop Was an Eye Opener for Business Owners

Accelerate a business growth workshop is an annual event geared towards empowering business owners through training to grow and succeed.

This year’s edition of Accelerate a business growth workshop was held at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja on Saturday 27th August 2022. It was a gathering for entrepreneurs who have a strong strong passion to grow their businesses. it also provides mentorship for four weeks after the physical event to see to it that they get results in their business.

This year’s edition brought together seasoned entrepreneurs with proven track records to share their experiences with other entrepreneurs to help them take their businesses to the next level.

2022 Accelerate Business Growth Workshop Was an Eye Opener for Business Owners
Flyer for the event

At the event, Carol Arheghan the convener of the event had a lot of advice for young business owners.

She said: In view of the volatile economic environment in which we are in Nigeria, it is important that every business owner or aspiring entrepreneur gets the necessary training and information that is required to start and grow a business successfully. I am saying this because no business succeeds on its own.

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Every business takes on the personality of the owner. If the business owner is not giving himself to training and continuous training, he will just remain at a level and he will be wondering why things are not working for him because the difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you don’t know. And what you don’t know, you can only find when you give yourself to training.

So, considering the hostile economic condition that we have in Nigeria right now, as a business owner, if you are not well trained, if you don’t go through the necessary training that you need to harness the growth of your business, you will just remain at a level.

My advice for business owners is to give themselves training. Get information, and research so that you’ll be able to grow very well and give yourself to mentoring. Don’t be too proud or too big to say I don’t need a mentor”.


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