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20 Futuristic Things That Should Be Invented Already According To Reddit Users

It is going to be the year 2020 next year. We all have projections of what might be in the future. The film 2012 was made in 2009, and it predicted that the world was going to end. But it is 2019 so, clearly, it did not. Everyone has an opinion of what they think the future will be like. There is a high chance that you have yours too. Meanwhile, Reddit users mentioned what futuristic inventions they thought would have been in existence by now. Here are some of the best responses.


Human-shaped robots that do chores and walk around the house. They should also greet in a robotic voice.



Business operations that do need require the use of any paper. With everything being cloud-based these days, it might be closer than we think.



A permanent way to stop balding. A lot of people have tried this, but it seems like hair transplant surgeries are the most permanent options right now. They are also not cheap. Perhaps, a cheaper option will be groundbreaking.



A dramatically higher age cap where people can grow to be over 200 years old. This user also thought people should be able to upload their consciousness into machines by now.




A world that technology would have helped rid of lies, fake news and election rigging. If anything, technology might have made this worse.



A pill that you will not let you get fat so that you can eat anything you want. This is certainly long overdue, and whoever finally invents this deserves to rule the world.



Faster and cheaper travelling options across continents. A technology that will require us to not need visas to go abroad will be handy alongside.



Commercial space travelling. This indeed sounds amazing. Imagine being able to book a flight to Mars to shop with the aliens. Sounds like a futuristic film from 1975.



Hovercars. If you ever watched Ben 10, then you know hover cars should have been in existence by now. But the autonomous vehicle technology is only just getting explored. Talk about lagging.



A wearable machine that will hear a foreign language, interpret it and respond through a speaker. There is already a speaker that helps people translate to a different language to ease communication. But this new twist sounds great.



More trips to the moon and other planets. This is valid. There was a time when it was predicted that the earth will no longer be safe for us and we will all need to move to Mars. Looks like we might need to wait a few more hundred years.



More electric cars that use zero fuel. The technology is there but, for some reason, it is not being used as much. We wonder why. Is fuel cheaper than electricity? At least we know we will be using generators or solar panels to charge ours in this part of the world.


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Longer weekends. To be honest, 5 work days a week is a bit much in a world filled with so many technological advancements that can help reduce work hours.



Flying cars. It’s a good thing this isn’t in Nigeria yet. People might bump into other people’s cars more. Everyone will try to put their cars in flight mode all at the same time in Lagos traffic.



A knife that cuts and toasts bread at the same time. The foodies want this, and inventors need to make it happen.



The cure for diseases like Ebola, ALS, Cancer and HIV. This really is long overdue, and someone needs to break through to these cures ASAP.



Death of fax machines. Apparently, fax machines are still actively used in some parts of the world. Looks like they aren’t going anywhere soon either.



3D virtual reality internet. Let’s be able to teleport anywhere and everywhere.



A washing machine that can wash, dry and fold all the clothes. That would be perfect. This should have been available 20 years ago.



Holograms. We imagine it’s the kind Iron Man uses on his phones and computers. This does not seem like it will come cheap, but we want it regardless…. For cheap.

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