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10 Funky Styles For Your Bodacious Box Braids

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Box braids are one hairstyle that has scaled through the test of time. It’s a trendy, protective hairstyle that’s favoured for being surprisingly low maintenance in spite of all its benefits. Also, it’s very easy to style and can be diversified. Box braids help to protect your hair and can be worn for an extensive period of 8-10 weeks. Celebrities like Beyonce, Keke Palmer and Nicki Minaj, have been spotted rocking this style in its versatility.


Whatever reason it is you opted for box braids, you should also be aware of a number of styling tips. Doing funky styles would not only spice up your look but will ensure you stay hip as well. While maintaining your hair accordingly, you can keep it for a longer time while switching up your looks. Make every day or week a surprise for your fashion sheep! Try different styling methods using the eye-catching photos below as your guide.


10 funky styles for your bodacious box braids

1. Twisted Bun


This sculptural styling requires braids with volume. It gives your face a more defined look as well.


2. Simple half up-do box braids

Jhene Aiko

Just as Jhene Aiko rocked this style for an event, so can you. It’s not too dramatic but classy and can give you that soft feminine feel.


3. Curved short braids


This is one funky style you don’t want to miss out on. You can use any colour of extension to achieve this look.


4. Pretty high bun and waterfall braids


Just like the name, this is a pretty girl look. If you want to look soft, cute and innocent, then go for this. However, your makeup can make this look switch-up from simple to dramatic.


5. Box braids with a side plait


Do you want to go french but not completely, then bag this look now! It puts the funk in ‘funky’!!!


6. Caramel braids

Caramel braids are a fantastic and daring colour. Not everyone can go blonde and, as an African, you need to find the colour that works for you.


7. High pony

From the first look, this looks simple. However, a twist to this is an actual twist! After doing a ponytail, you should wrap two potions of your hair alternatively to get the result just as seen in the picture.


8. Box braids formal bun

This is another example of an up-do but with less volume. It is more formal.


9. One-side undercut

If you want to get sassy with your braids, then opt for a side-cut. This is a daring look to go for.


10. Fauxhawk

Want to redefine funky for everyone who believes they know what it means? Then do a faux hawk with boxed braids and turn heads everywhere you go.


The styles for boxed braids are endless but don’t limit yourself to the ones above. You can either recreate them, copy them or create one for yourself. No style is wrong with boxed braids, and you can be as creative as you want.


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