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Sony has sold only 19 million PS5 consoles, here is why

Sony announced selling 2 million PS5 consoles in Q4 2021, taking its total sales to 19.3 million in over one year. With the hype that surrounded its release, why does the sale not tally?

All through its first one and a half year of being in the market, getting hands on the PS5 console has proven to be elusive. Even when this article was published, the console being on sale in particular stores still makes the news.

Clearly, the issue is not with demand. Rather, Sony has struggled to meet its supply due to the ongoing chip shortage. 

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For comparison, by this time, PS4 had already sold over 22 million units, although it is the second-best-selling Sony-made gaming console. Yet, PlayStation 5 was touted as the next step in gaming, and the people who bought its predecessor were expectant.

However, it is not just gloomy for Sony’s gaming division as the company expects things to get better on the supply front. Engadget says that the PlayStation makers forecast a 34 per cent increase in sales in Q2 2022 as its supply pipeline is finally being unclogged and the increase in third-party games releases.

Sony will have to do more publicity to get customers to return to stores when its consoles finally start reappearing on shelves because many are displeased at not being able to acquire the game console for more than a year now.

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